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A Registered Education Savings Plan(RESP) as flexible as you are.

We're always prepared for a change. That's why we built our CST Spark Education Portfolios  to give you the freedom to change your plan whenever and wherever. Want to contribute monthly instead of weekly? No problem. Contributions are always flexible, just like you. 

Your Monthly Contribution

Traditional Yearly Bank Fees

Our Yearly Fees

You could save up to 37% in yearly fees with CST Spark.

Unlike your bank, at CST Spark we only do one thing - RESPs . On top of making it simple for you to grow your post-secondary education savings and take care of your RESP online, we keep your management fees competitive, so you can save more for your little scholar.

Try it yourself! Compare yearly fees.

This comparison illustrates one year of management fees of 2.14% (inclusive of taxes) for a bank offered  mutual fund and 1.70% (inclusive of taxes) for CST Spark RESP. Actual management fees may be different than this estimate. 

Why choose CST Spark Education Portfolios?

Flexible Contributions

Start your CST Spark Education Portfolios at any time with any amount and easily change your contribution schedule.

Add children easily

Planning on growing your family? No worries, you can add more children to your plan at any time.

On Demand Support

Our team will help you every step of the way.

No Appointment Needed

Leave lineups and paperwork in the past. We make it quick and easy to open an RESP online. 

$20,000 in prizes to be won!

At CST Spark, we’re serious about partnering with Canadian families to help save for their little learners’ education. To help you kickstart your education savings, we’re giving away 101 prizes this year!

Raising your little superstar can be chaotic so we made saving for their future education simple.