Your RESP can be either self-directed or managed by someone else, on your behalf.

In a self-directed RESP, you invest the money yourself. Typically, you’ll be charged an annual administration fee from the promoter, as well as commission fees when you buy or sell investments within the RESP.

A managed RESP account is for you if you want a professional advisor to make investments for you. You may have to pay management fees, which can be deducted from your contributions or your earnings.

At CST Spark, we work to keep management costs low. With our CST Spark Education Portfolios, we invest in global diversified funds that have low fees and proven track records. We’re also one of the few companies that does age-based rebalancing on behalf of our clients. As teens get closer to spreading their wings and taking off to post-secondary school, we want to make sure the money they need will be there in the event of a downturn. That’s why we start with equities and a goal of maximizing your growth potential. Then we move towards a more conservative investment mix with the aim of preserving your gains as the child grows older. CST’s expertise in RESP investing has been built up over decades, and we take our mission seriously. Because we know that behind every RESP, is a lot of hope and hard work.