When the Jones family learned how important it is to have a Registered Education Savings Plan, they found themselves wondering, “With all the RESPs out there, which one should we choose?” 

Meet CST Bright PlanTM, our smart, simple and flexible RESP.

By diversifying investments with a mix of Exchange Traded Funds, we help our customers easily save for post-secondary education. As little Emma starts to giggle and crawl, we aim for early growth. Then with each passing year, we adjust our investment strategy to focus on maintaining gains and maximize the potential for Emma’s future. 

For the Jones’, CST Bright PlanTM checks all of their boxes: professionally managed, with low fees, and flexible contributions. They can decide how much to invest and how often, giving them peace of mind.

Plus, they can access their plan safely from their laptop, tablet or phone, and reach us when they have questions along the way. 

So what are you waiting for? Skip the lineups at the bank and piles of paper, and start your CST Bright PlanTM today... from the comfort of your living room, office, or wherever (we don’t judge).

CST Bright PlanTM is sold by prospectus.

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