Today, we write to the mamas, the mommies, the grandmas, and the step-moms. We write to those who can’t wait to be called mom. We write to those wishing for just one day of not hearing the word “mom” a hundred times! And we write to the ones trying to find a word that fits their true selves.

You’ve spent another year teaching, loving, and giving those around you what they need to be their best. And no doubt it’s been quite the year. Perhaps with all the struggles and challenges that have come with the pandemic, you’ve had to re-evaluate how you juggle, and have stopped trying to meet impossible expectations. And perhaps you’ve had the courage to consider your own needs as well as the needs of others.

Whether you’re teaching at home, working from home, putting on a uniform, or going back to school, you’re part of a new parent generation. You define your role; you don’t let it define you.

We know how important it is to you that your children have the freedom to define their place in this world, on their terms. Maybe your child will choose the flexible lifestyle of a tech creative. Maybe they’ll push against gendered expectations in finance, nursing, or engineering. Maybe they’ll be advocates for others, with the same impressive passion they express today. Whatever path they decide to take, the greatest gift you’ll get as a mother is watching them figure out who they are, and choose the life they want. Of course, post-secondary education is a big part of that.

Whether your child dreams of becoming a Michelin Star chef, a CEO, or a marine biologist, a post-secondary education opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities. An education lets your child define their future on their terms.

So as you celebrate your motherhood, and daydream about your child’s future, why not take a few minutes to learn about the Registered Education Savings Plan? You can think of starting an RESP as a Mother’s Day gift to your future self. Because when they get into the post-secondary program of their dreams, you’ll both be crying happy tears.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us over the phone or chat with us online, 6 days a week. RESPs are our passion, and we’re happy to explain how they work, and why they’re Canada’s favourite education savings tool.


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