Many of us have benefited from the wisdom and values passed on from the father figures in our lives—whether it’s making a fun adventure out of staying home, helping out our neighbours, or doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19—we are better for having them in our lives. So why not raise your Father’s Day game this year by planning something special to show the dads in your life just how much they mean to you?

By spending time together, reconnecting, or sending a gift from the heart, show how much you appreciate that presence in your life, and make his day one he’ll never forget. Also, don’t forget to check your local COVID-19 regulations before planning anything.

Here’s our list of 6 ideas to make this Father’s Day meaningful and memorable, even if you can only meet virtually or outside. Maybe you’ll even start a new tradition.

1. Create a personalized, original gift

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones designed to make the recipient laugh, and maybe even cry. Even if you don’t live with or can’t visit the special dad in your life, you can surprise him with a gift from the heart that you made, and it can be anything: an originally composed and performed song if you’re the musical type, a funny animated card with your faces on it (super easy to do using JibJab), or a slideshow of photos of special times you’ve spent together over the years. There are tons of apps and programs that make it simple to create slideshows with cool transition effects and music—such as Pixgram and iMovie (if you have a Mac). Get that box of tissues ready!

2. Get out on the water

Can you rent kayaks, canoes or paddle boats at a nearby river or lake? By heading out to the open water, you can all destress. Plus, it’s a unique bonding opportunity for the whole family. Double the fun by adding in another family for a great distanced activity in the great outdoors. Just make sure everyone’s wearing life jackets, and don’t forget to pack sunscreen, bug spray, water and snacks.

3. Pack a picnic

All you need is a fresh baguette or two, some nice meat or marinated tofu, spreads, olives or pickles, and maybe a few cut veggies. Add some cold drinks and lay it all out on a nice blanket. You can include a hike for the outdoorsy dad, go to a beach for the sun-loving dad, or a park for the dad who loves to play frisbee or cards. And there you have it—a picture-perfect afternoon to celebrate that great man in your family!

4. Organize a cheese tasting

Here’s a fun treat if restaurants aren’t an option in your neighbourhood this year: set up your very own cheese-tasting event at home. Depending on your budget and dad’s taste in cheeses, you can either stock up at the grocery store or at your local fromagerie. Why not make it a Canada-themed event by getting only Canadian cheeses? If your kids don’t like the taste of strong cheeses, make sure to include some milder options in the mix, such as mozzarella or Emmental, so they can get in on the fun. Kick it up a notch by adding nuts, fruit and even chocolate to the party. Get inspired with ideas for cheese pairings.

To share the fun with others outside your bubble, you can set up two distanced tables in a backyard or the park, or drop off a package at your dad’s front steps, and organize a time to do the tasting together over video chat.

5. Give personalized coupons

We’re all dreaming of a life post-pandemic. So why not create coupons of all the things you’ll do with your dad when life is back to normal? Enlist the kids to illustrate and write coupons for their dad, grandpa or favourite uncle. Get creative, with coupons such as: “Good for one ice cream with me”, or “The holder of this coupon is entitled to one hour of labour in the garden from the undersigned”, or “One movie of your choice at the theatre”. You’ll have fun dreaming of days to come, and the kids will enjoy thinking up all the fun activities they’re looking forward to doing together post-pandemic. Just make sure you make them in time to mail them or drop them off by June 20th.

6. Create a legacy of learning with an RESP in Dad’s honour 

How proud would grandpa be to hear you’ve invested in his grandkids’ RESPs to honour him this year? Whether you’re starting a new RESP or investing in an existing one, you can rest assured this gift will last a lifetime.

When you call your dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, you can tell him how that money can grow and grow over the years. That’s thanks to a whopping 20% in matching government grants on each dollar you put into your RESP, up to an annual limit of $500—and a lifetime maximum of $7,200 per child. Add any investment earnings on top of that! He’ll be impressed with your financial smarts. When the time comes, your child will be able to use those education savings to go after their dreams, whether that means becoming a vet, a pastry chef, a human rights attorney, or whatever else. That sure beats another tie to add to his collection.

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specifically, for our customers to help pay for post-secondary school. After all, we want to make our dads proud too.


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