As Emma dreams of becoming an astronaut, her parents are helping her shoot for the moon by regularly investing in her CST Bright Plan. On top of their contributions, they’ve been receiving government grants, helping Emma’s RESP grow.

The Joneses are working towards that lifetime maximum of $7,200 in grants from the Canada Education Savings Grant, or CESG. Every time they contribute to their RESP, the government will match 20% of each dollar the Jones family puts in, up to $500 per year.

And because Emma turned 6 this year and lives in British Columbia, the Joneses also benefit from a one-time grant of $1,200 for her RESP! Other provincial programs, like the Quebec Education Savings Incentive, match 10% of the first $2,500 contributed annually, to a maximum of $3,600.

Plus, all across Canada, low-income families who are eligible for the Canada Learning Bond receive $500 just for opening an RESP, with an additional $100 per year for each year they qualify - up to $2,000!

The Joneses never have to worry about how or when to apply for grant money because CST Spark keeps it simple — by helping them apply for all the grants! With no line-ups and no extra forms, taking full advantage of government grants has never been easier. So just like the Joneses, who want their future-astronaut to reach for the stars, grants can help your education savings skyrocket, too!

CST Spark Education Portfolios are sold only by Prospectus.

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