You’ll need to provide your contact information and the names and birth dates of your beneficiary or beneficiaries. You’ll also input SIN numbers for both subscriber and beneficiary, banking information and how much and how often you’d like to contribute. From there, we’ll call you to design your perfect plan, collect information to complete your application form, advise you on how to maximize your future savings, and, of course, answer any questions.

Bright Tip: If you live in Ontario, take advantage of the 5-in-1 online newborn registration bundle, and check four important things off your list in one go:

  1. Register your child’s birth.
  2. Apply for a birth certificate for your child (for a fee).
  3. Get a social insurance number (SIN) for your child.
  4. Register for the Canada Child Benefit, which also registers you for Ontario’s child benefits.

It takes less than 20 minutes or so to fill out the online form—which is far less time than it takes to pack a diaper bag and get out of the house with a newborn.

Invest in your future engineer

Raising your little superstar can be chaotic so we made saving for their future education simple.