First of all—thanks in advance for taking time out of your busy day to vote!

Eligible subscribers have the option of voting at the virtual Special Meeting or casting their vote in advance.

a)      Vote in advance using the Proxy Form

1. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the Proxy Form that was enclosed with your letter about voting.

2. Cast your vote by 1:00 p.m. (EDT) on December 7, 2021, using one of the following methods below:

  • Online: Go to and enter the Control Number found on your Proxy Form. You’ll be directed to a secure website that gives you your voting options and the ability to vote.
  • By phone: Call 1-888-486-7352 and enter the Control Number provided on your Proxy Form. Follow the interactive prompts to submit your vote.
  • By mail: Cast your vote on your Proxy Form, and sign and date it. Mail your completed form in the Business Reply Envelope enclosed with your letter. We’ll need to receive your mailed vote by the deadline above.

b)      Vote by attending the Special Meeting

1. Join the virtual Special Meeting for subscribers on December 9, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. (EDT) by going to

2. Log into the Special Meeting by entering the Control Number found on your Proxy Form as your Username. The password for the meeting is cst2021 (case sensitive).

3. We’ll provide details on how you can vote during the Special Meeting.

Something important for you to know:

You can appoint a proxyholder on your Proxy Form to represent you at the Special Meeting and vote on your behalf. You’ll have to provide the proxyholder’s contact information and register them by contacting the TSX Trust Company.

You can do this by going online at (English) or (French)


by calling 1-866-751-6315 (within North America) 

Once the TSX Trust Company has the proxyholder's contact information, they will provide them with a Control Number.

Have more questions about voting? You can always reach us by phone or online chat.