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Get the support, confidence and control you need to start saving easily.

Engineered to grow with your child

Bright Plan is the next generation of RESPs designed to evolve as your child ages.


Set up and control an easy-to-use plan — and relax as seasoned RESP leaders manage it for you.


Tailor your plan to suit your needs — and change it as your needs evolve.


Access a secure online RESP account — and get specialized support from our team of professional Direct Dealing Representatives.

Bright Plan: The smart, simple, and flexible RESP

No other RESP brings together easy-to-use technology and reliable expertise quite like the Bright Plan. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Your eggs aren’t all in one basket
    Investments are spread across a global mix of assets to reduce risk
  • Your investment evolves over time
    We aim for growth early then maintain those gains later
  • Support and expertise you can count on
    Trusted advisors from CST, BlackRock and RBC Investors Services Trust take care of your plan
  • Flexible contributions
    How much and how often you put in is up to you
  • 60-day guarantee
    Get all your contributions back in the first 60 days


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When you choose CST Spark, you’re also benefitting from the expertise of our parent organization, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation, who:

  • Pioneered RESPs in Canada over half a century ago,
  • Helped 500,000+ Canadian families with education savings,
  • Administers almost $5 billion in education savings assets.
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