Just as you believe in the amazing growth potential of your child, we at CST Spark believe in the amazing growth potential of Registered Education Savings Plans -- also known as RESPs. That’s why when the Jones family started to plan for little Emma’s future, they opened an RESP with us.

What’s an RESP you ask? It’s a smart savings tool designed to help Canadians save for a child’s post-secondary education.

It can be opened by anyone, for anyone…meaning you can open an RESP not only for your child, but a friend’s child or even, one day, your grandchild.

An RESP is your ticket to accessing grant money from the government for post-secondary education, like the Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG). With this grant, the government matches 20% of your contributions, up to $500 per year and to a maximum of $7,200!

In an RESP, your earnings can grow over the years and, as long as the money stays in the plan, it won’t be taxed.

Then, when little Emma becomes high-school-graduate Emma, the RESP money can be used towards a post-secondary education, to cover tuition, textbooks, rent, pizza for late-night study sessions… you get the idea!

Plus, she can chase her career dreams here in Canada or abroad.

Open an RESP with CST Spark today with as little as $10 per month, and just like Mr. and Mrs. Jones, as you watch your child grow, you can rest easy knowing your savings are invested to grow too.    

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